"For nearly twenty years I run free and instinctively through my fabrics, piercing their souls with threads and needles,  revealing a fragile ripped, loose, unfulfilled  wholeness.

By overlapping memory and individual stories, I compulsively tie, untie, order, dismantle, create and destroy: I sew what we hide, what we deny, what we barely remember.

But even if every single thread has its metaphorical significance, sewing is not as much the goal, as it is a reflection on the fundamentals elements of art and life. My work is a way to ‘tie’ myself to life itself, to give a meaning to it, to leave a trace.

That’s probably a foolish human impulse to endure, when the disturbing message is that life is fleeting, that we are alone in this world, that we hurt each other, that we grow, get old and forget, that none of this can be captured, not even trough Art. But working points me to freedom and faith; to a state of ecstasy, of surrender.

And yes, ... after all,only hope remains.”   

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