Through a deep reflection on the space-time connections in a work of art, Annita Romano develops her expression as a metaphor for the act of sewing. For nearly twenty years she runs through her fabrics to reveal a ripped wholeness, scarred by life. Through an  intimate dialogue with the material itself, she draws infinite possibilities as work progresses: by punctuated gestures, she instinctively inscribes memory and stories on the depth of the welt. She sews what we hide, deny or barely remember. 

"In this game of meaning, sewing is not as much the goal as it is a reflection on the fundamentals elements of art and life, like existence and identity. Guided by the needle, I cross coexisting moments, wondering about truth:  probably a foolish human impulse to endure, when the disturbing message is that life is fleeting, that we grow, get old and forget, and that none of this can be captured, not even through Art. But working points me to freedom and faith…" 

Her approach is strongly expressed by the way the work develops itself in space, especially the sensory and psychological experiences that it brings to the viewer: the relationships between the works, as well as support, colors, shapes and movement of lightness or reflection. She believes that the emotional aesthetic experience can question and reevaluate one’s owns ideas and transcend any moment of contemplation. 

Her recent work presents more subtle nuances, dyed by earth, leaves and roots. Translucent, stripped, framed by aerial structures, it floats in space exhausted by the excessiveness of my thinkings. Apparently fragile, her fabrics are an appeal to the ‘one’, to the ‘us’. By these ‘skins of life’, she invites you to go deep into the thickness of her own sewn intimacy and find the traces that testify her truth.  

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